Sunset House believes that the physical wellbeing of the recovering individual is crucial to his recovery. Our Program stresses the importance of self-care through healthy living habits and activities. All clients of Sunset House adhere to a program of complete abstinence from all mind and mood altering substances. An on-site, commercial-grade gym is available for workout sessions, and our campus has equipment for basketball, volleyball, and Ping-Pong. Our clients also engage in leisure activities like going to the beach, kayaking, and group runs.


The mental and emotional health of the recovering individual determines the quality of his sobriety; without addressing the issues that led men to turn to substance abuse initially, recovery is often short-lived. As such, Sunset House places great emphasis on the clinical component of treatment. Group therapy sessions focus on topics such as anger, grief, relapse prevention, and relationships. Clients also see individual therapists on a regular basis to address their feelings and concerns in order to build coping skills and gain insight. Clients are issued multiple treatment plans throughout the course of treatment to guide them along the way to change.

Our program also focuses on fostering personal accountability and increasing self-esteem. Our men are taught daily living skills that will serve them throughout their lives. Hard work, responsibility, and assertiveness are keys to a successful recovery. All clients are expected to maintain full-time employment, student, or volunteer status while in treatment. Structured daily life ensures that clients remain accountable to their actions and praised for their successes. Our main objective is to foster healthy habits that will stay with our men once the treatment experience has ended and they reenter the world.


Spiritual development is the cornerstone on which the rest of recovery is built. We believe that finding deeper meaning and purpose in life is the best safeguard for a lasting recovery from substance use. Sunset House stresses the significance of this through Spirituality Group, Morning Meditation meetings, and voluntary contact with visiting members of a variety of faiths. Whether clients choose to explore their spirituality through formal services or quietly meditate on a hammock while looking up at the palm trees, our program encourages the enrichment of the client’s soul as well as his body and mind. We have organic gardens throughout the campus that are tended to by clients, providing healthful food and a healthy activity. There is also an open-air yoga studio where clients can engage in self-reflection.