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  • Our programs are guided by evidence-based therapy methods and the 12-step approach.
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    We believe that long-term recovery is possible in an environment that enables independence. Sunset House‘s addiction treatment programs help men transition from inpatient rehab to independence by providing personalized structure, support, tools, and opportunities to find deeper meaning and purpose in life.

    Our programs are guided by evidence-based therapy methods and the 12-step approach. Men who come to our center develop self-esteem and self-worth in a supportive environment with rules, accountability, and progressive independence. Learn more about our addiction treatment programs today by contacting Sunset House at 561.827.7401.

    The Sunset House Men's Addiction Rehab Program

    Sunset House has a zero-tolerance policy for drugs and alcohol, a nightly curfew, and requires that all clients attend weekly clinical services, therapy, group meetings, and off-campus 12-step meetings. All clients must have either full-time employment or be enrolled full-time in school.

    The average length of our program stay is six months, though some men stay for more or less time depending on their needs and goals. For men who have completed a 90-day inpatient program, this gives them nearly a year of a new life in recovery before rejoining their normal routine.

    We employ a blend of progressive independence with clinical support within a strong recovery community. Our addiction treatment programs focus on recovery skills, preventing relapse, improving emotional functioning, promoting personal responsibility, and reintegrating men into the worlds of work, education, and family life.

    What to Expect at Our Addiction Rehab Center

    Our 34-bed campus is in the heart of Palm Beach Gardens, Florida. All of our residences are newly renovated, modern, and spacious—making them great home bases for the men in our care. Clinical services are all held on-site and communal areas are available for dining, meeting, and fellowship.

    Men staying in our extended-care center have access to:

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    • Shared residential buildings
    • Laundry facilities
    • A pantry
    • Fitness gym
    • On-site parking
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    Clients are also allowed to bring one large personal item, like a bicycle, surfboard, or fishing rod. And, though pets aren’t permitted, many of our clients care for the cats who hang out at Sunset House

    The Sunset House Addiction Treatment Program

    We use multi-phase addiction treatment programs to help our men achieve sustainable independence with long-term recovery. These phases include the following.

    Phase One: Assessment

    Our first phase is to help our clients understand how seriously they should take their recovery journey. The hard work of sobriety requires their full commitment. Our first phase is hallmarked by:

    • A thorough drug and alcohol screening, including a full physical with bloodwork and complete a bio-psycho-social assessment
    • A treatment plan that outlines the type and intensity of individual therapy each client needs
    • An active search for gainful employment in our community with resumé and interview help from our team
    • A curfew of 10 p.m. and required accompaniment off-campus by a staff member or advanced-phase client
    • Attendance of morning meditations, as well as our Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday groups, and a minimum of four 12-step groups each week.

    The first phase is the most restrictive, but it helps our clients understand how committed we are to seeing them succeed.

    Phase Two: Work

    Once they are settled in clinically and socially, clients are granted a little more flexibility. Their curfews are extended to 11:30 p.m.

    Clients in phase two have a full-time work schedule of at least 35 hours per week and must attend all of their individual therapy sessions as well as our Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday groups. They also attend at least four 12-step groups each week, where they have a home group, a sponsor, and have their Step Work underway.

    Phase Three: Leadership

    Men in their third phase must be at least 90 days sober and have completed, at minimum, the first three of the 12 steps. They must still attend four weekly 12-step groups and all requisite individual therapy, as well as our Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday groups.

    Phase-three clients are becoming leaders in our community and providing support and guidance for newly arrived clients.

    Our goal is to see our clients move successfully through our program to become totally independent, well-connected individuals and upstanding members of our local recovery community.

    Start Men's Addiction Treatment Programs in Florida at Sunset House

    Many people view inpatient treatment as an interruption of regular life—a necessary intervention for many of those struggling with drug and alcohol addiction. Extended care at Sunset House is a re-integration with life—an insightful next step for men who want to take what they learned in treatment and turn it into habitual behavior.

    Learn more about our addiction treatment programs by contacting Sunset House online or calling 561.827.7401 today.