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  • We expect our clients to become better versions of themselves by promoting trust, accountability, self-esteem, self-sufficiency, and independence.
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    Sunset House has been a second home for men beginning the journey to recovery for more than two decades. With only 34 beds in our Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, treatment center, we connect with each of our clients to help them learn how to become better versions of themselves.

    Our client experience ensures the men we support meet the challenges of recovery head-on. Through evidence-based treatment methods and community building, clients at Sunset House learn the skills they need to make meaningful, measurable changes. We also offer family support and alumni programs for a well-rounded, continuous experience. Learn more by contacting Sunset House at 561.827.7401 today.

    Our Addiction Recovery Community

    The Sunset House team helps men who are in the early stages of addiction recovery. We are the first to provide an extended care program in the Northern Palm Beach County area and consider ourselves pioneers. Our original extended care program is aimed at helping our clients progress through treatment with measured success, earning additional opportunities as they advance through our program.

    Men in our treatment center form strong bonds with one another since they are entering new phases in life after experiencing similar challenges. Facing new hurdles together, they are able to take meaningful strides as they relearn critical life skills.

    The Sunset House Client Experience

    We expect our clients to become better versions of themselves by promoting trust, accountability, self-esteem, self-sufficiency, and independence. Our clients are expected to find employment or enroll in academic coursework, develop connections within the sober community, and hone important life skills.

    Meaningful Work

    Starting a new job or enrolling in school presents the opportunity for healthy challenges to arise. As the men in our program learn that drugs and alcohol don’t control their lives, they can meet these challenges with more confidence, helping them become providers for their families and pillars of their communities.

    Community Building

    Connecting with other men in recovery helps men understand that asking for help is okay and necessary. As they build a sober network, our clients gain the strength, support, and perspective they need to continue toward lasting sobriety. Becoming a part of a meaningful community also provides a sense of purpose, allowing them to become sources of inspiration and strength for other men in recovery.

    Developing Life Skills

    Sustainable, healthy life skills allow clients in our program to become more self-sufficient and independent. While asking for help is encouraged, we also promote healthy independence. Skills like cooking, cleaning, and budgeting allow men to gain confidence and take control of their lives.

    Men at Sunset House are exposed to all the ups and downs of daily life. It’s an opportunity to practice their recovery in the real world while still having the support of our staff.

    What to Expect at Our Florida Center

    The road to lifelong recovery isn’t easy. We encourage our clients as they escape their comfort zones to promote self-improvement and personal growth. 

    Our clients can expect: 

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    • Evidence-based treatment methods – Our evidence-based treatment methods are designed to provide a comprehensive approach to recovery. 
    • A safe, serene campus – Our campus is designed to provide a peaceful environment for clients to heal. 
    • Family support – We strive to help men become providers and better partners, fathers, brothers, and sons through family therapy sessions. 
    • Continued alumni support – Weekly and monthly events and lectures are offered to alumni of our program, providing a supportive environment for relapse prevention. 
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    Navigating the challenging road to addiction recovery is a tremendous feat. Sunset House is here to lend an experienced hand along the journey, providing a haven for men on their way to lasting sobriety and improved lives.

    Addiction Recovery Resources at Sunset House

    We are dedicated to helping our clients become productive, responsible members of society. Our team is ready to help you or your loved one start a life-changing journey today. Reach out now by calling 561.827.7401 or contacting Sunset House online to get started.