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You can achieve lasting recovery once you have the tools, opportunities, and education to gradually reclaim your life.
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Our Vision

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How We Help


Levels of Care

Affordable outpatient care in North Palm Beach, Florida

Lifelong recovery takes time and effort—even after leaving rehab. Meadows Counseling Center can support you during the transition from rehab or if you just need extra help to maintain the sobriety you worked so hard to achieve.

Become a person
you're proud to be

Outpatient addiction treatment at Meadows Counseling Center allows you to continue making real, measurable changes in your life. Our individualized extended care programs for men utilize evidence-based methods and community-building resources that promote lifelong recovery.

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Build a stronger you through
mental health treatment

Mental health treatment centers on improving the relationship you have with yourself and how you handle the stress of daily life. When you master this step, you can focus on improving relationships with your friends, family, co-workers, neighbors, and acquaintances. This is how recovery starts.

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Embrace togetherness in
your personal relationships

The emotional connections and attachments you form with others are critical to your recovery success. You will aim to understand how to form healthy attachments with people, the art of give and take in relationships, and see other perspectives during counseling. Personal relationship work focuses on developing healthy separations between yourself and others, forming respectful attachments, and putting these skills into practice in your life.

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Your path to resilience
through long-term recovery

As your recovery progresses, you will find that life has improved in a wide range of areas. Learning to live again without depending on drugs or alcohol will help you make lasting changes. We provide follow-up care and support to ensure that you have the best chance of sustained recovery so that you can live the life you deserve.

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Foster hope around you
with community recovery

Your recovery will greatly benefit from developing relationships and perhaps friendships with the other members of the Meadows community. Over time, these relationships will support you outside the formal treatment setting. There are things you have in common with other clients, and they can offer support and insight into your ongoing recovery process.

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Nourish your inner light by
focusing on spiritual health

In a way that is beneficial and works for you, developing a serene outlook and purposeful life will greatly benefit you in learning to cope with its difficulties and struggles. A healthy, helpful outlook will allow you to handle whatever happens in your life with balance. Good spiritual health will also help you be more grateful for the happiness and joy that life similarly brings. At Meadows, you will learn ways to achieve peace and tranquility.

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Discover your true potential
by building self-efficacy

No matter what has happened in your life, developing self-efficacy can help you move forward. When you believe that you have the capacity to make a difference and see results for yourself, it becomes easier to stay motivated through difficult times. With our help, you will learn how to develop self-sufficiency and regain control of your life.

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helped have to say

Support for lasting recovery is just a
call away

Developing the skills to improve your mental health, connecting with those around you and reclaiming your self-efficacy is easier with help. Find out how we can help you meet the challenges of early recovery.

Intensive outpatient program

Our intensive outpatient program (IOP) provides the education and structure necessary for men to succeed at an intermediate level of care. Clients in addiction treatment essentially “step down” descending levels of care while retaining the necessary support and structure they require. At this level, individuals typically receive 10 hours per week of clinical services—nine hours of group therapy over three sessions and one hour of individual counseling with their primary therapist.

Outpatient program

The outpatient program (OP) provides continuity as individuals again “step down” through the different levels of care and progress toward the successful completion of our therapy program. The OP is a natural step for men who have completed the IOP and an appropriate starting place for some new clients. At the OP level, clients engage in one hour of weekly individual therapy with their primary therapist.

Individual therapy

Clients receiving individual therapy work one-on-one with a therapist in a private setting to identify goals in various aspects of life that they wish to improve. These may include psychological, emotional, cognitive, behavioral, social, and occupational areas. The therapist employs an integrative therapeutic approach to assist clients in continuing to improve their overall functioning as they move toward developing the ability to live independently.

Reclaim your future at Meadows Counseling Center

Take the next steps on your journey to lifelong recovery with support from the professionals and community at Meadows—it’s worth investing time and effort into your future. Complete the confidential form below or contact us through Sunset House by calling 561.827.7401.

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