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  • The addiction treatment professionals at our center know that rebuilding bonds with family is something men in recovery often strive for and greatly benefit from.
    a couple holds hands while a therapist takes notes after they found family support and resources

    When a man in your life struggles with addiction, you can help them build a better foundation for the future. Professional treatment can strengthen your trust in them while teaching them skills for a healthier life. When your son, brother, husband, uncle, or father comes to Sunset House recovery, you can expect to receive family support while they begin recovery.

    Our primary objective is to provide your loved one with an environment supporting their sobriety, well-being, and independence. We help men at our Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, center safely and confidently take the next steps in their recovery journey. The professionals on our treatment team are dedicated to promoting their success through evidence-based methods. Learn more about our family, alumni, and client resources by contacting Sunset House at 561.827.7401 today.

    Supporting a Loved One in Recovery

    Addiction treatment can help men struggling with drugs and alcohol turn their lives around for a better tomorrow. Watching your loved one make progress can be a great joy for family members.

    During their time at our center, the man in your life will be encouraged to make real, measurable changes in their life, like:

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    • Developing healthy coping skills
    • Rejoining the workforce
    • Repairing family bonds and relationships
    • Striving for mental health stability
    • Learning to manage cravings and triggers
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    Our program is a challenge that the men we help rise to meet. Through hard work and determination, they can once again be the person they are proud to be.

    Family Resources for Addiction Recovery at Sunset House

    The addiction treatment professionals at our center know that rebuilding bonds with family is something men in recovery often strive for and greatly benefit from. We offer family support in several ways, including:

    • Family seminars and classes
    • Private family counseling sessions
    • Group therapy for family members
    • Support groups for loved ones of those in recovery
    • Regular updates on your loved one’s progress

    Recovery is not easy, and your loved one will need support when they leave our program. Our team teaches family members how to navigate this uncharted territory and provides ongoing support.

    What Your Family Member Can Expect

    Our clients meet the challenges of recovery head-on while doing deep, personal work to manage their addiction. Because each man is at a different stage in his recovery, client expectations vary between individuals. These are the guidelines we hold our clients to:

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    • Absolutely no use or possession of drugs or alcohol is allowed on or off property.
    • Clients must coordinate with the clinical team to request a leave of absence from the program as needed.
    • All clients must pay their weekly fees every Friday. Weekly fees cover individual therapy, groups, drug testing, a 24-hour staffed center, furnished apartments, linens and bedding, kitchen supplies, utilities, gym use, and access to the pantry.
    • All residents must demonstrate active participation in a self-help program, like Alcoholics or Narcotics Anonymous.
    • All clients are expected to exhibit daily living skills, including house cleanliness, laundry, cooking, and other basic practices to foster independent living.
    • Vehicles are permitted on the property with the approval from the clinical team.
    • All personal belongings, apartments, and cars are subject to random searches. This is to ensure the safety of the individual client as well as the Sunset House community.
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    We find that men adapt to their new surroundings in more healthy and positive ways when their family gives them a little space and time to settle in both socially and clinically. Once a man has acclimated to life at Sunset House, with a firm understanding of our rules and expectations, our program director works with families to create a thoughtful plan for how best to incorporate family and friends into their life.

    Family Support at Sunset House

    The team at Sunset House is dedicated to helping men and their families navigate the recovery process while offering a safe, supportive, and healthy environment for everyone involved. To learn more about our program, please contact Sunset Houe today at 561.827.7401 or complete our online form.